Covermark Flores Fit Refill

Color FR00

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Covermark Flores Fit Refill.

With a single coat, the stains disappear. A cream compact foundation that reproduces beautiful human skin.

With just one coat, the stains disappear. The skin is glossy.

Adopts a new technology that reproduces the "gloss, texture, and freshness" of beautiful human skin while covering even dark spots with a small amount. An unprecedented feeling that the stains have disappeared.

  • Compact case with sponge is sold separately.
  • FN20 has a strong yellow color, so it feels darker than FN30.
    If FN30 feels dark, FN10 is recommended.
    FR20 has the same brightness as FN30.
    FN50 is more yellowish than FR40 and has a darker color.
  • Please note the refill and case are sold separtely.