Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette 2023 A/W Collection

Color 08 Pink Tailored

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Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette 2023 A/W Collection.

Confidence, intelligence, sex appeal. A basic × mode eye palette that brings a rich look with carefully calculated colors and textures.

Release on Jul 21st.

08 Pink Tailored
A color that blends well with your eyelids, but also enhances the beauty of your eyes. Accented with sheer black that focuses on transparency, it creates a casual yet attractive look.
09 Timeless Camel
Layered beige tones with different brightness and nuances for a sophisticated finish. For a timeless and modern mood, like a fine trench coat.
10 Liberty Plum
Cream color creates a mellow shadow around the eyes, and you can enjoy various impressions by layering the three colors from above. The pink of the point is an exquisite color that gives a stylish impression whether it is a line or widened.

Take an appropriate amount with your finger or tip and blur it over the entire eyelid.