Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette

Color 01 Smoky Brown

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Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette.

Five palettes to freely manipulate the impression, whether it's edgy or nudy, mode or sensual.

Five types of eyeshadow palettes that combine four colors of carefully calculated colors and textures with thorough attention to create a sophisticated mode impression without the need for techniques.
In particular, 03 is a palette positioned as "neo terracotta", which is an evolution of "terracotta", which can be said to be the symbolic color of Selvok, and is
a key color that has an overwhelming presence in the eyes.
A single color gives a sense of sheerness, and layers of colors add depth.
It is a pallet that you can freely enjoy yourself with no rules and crush every time you open it.

Take an appropriate amount with your finger or tip and blur it over the entire eyelid.