Celvoke Multi Palette 2023 Holiday

Color EX03 Angelico

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Celvoke Multi Palette 2023 Holiday.

Introducing a limited edition multi-palette that includes eyeshadow, cheek, lip, and eyebrow powder all in one set.

An eyeshadow with sparkling pearls that colors the eyes. It can be used for multiple purposes such as around the eyes, cheeks, and lips. A face color that gives your makeup a complexion and luster. It can be used for eyebrows and eyeshadow, and it adds depth to the impression of your eyes. Introducing Celvoke's limited edition multi-palette, which contains eyebrow powder that gives you a unique look.

Released on Oct 20.

EX03 Angelico:
A warm color and pure gold shine for a look of gentle dignity.
A light beige color that blends into the eyelids while eliminating shadows, and a warm orange tone color overlaps to create a sophisticated yet gentle impression. Finally, add a pure and delicate gold shine to create a clean and dignified look.

・EX04 Pleiad:
Deep colors that give you a sense of depth and dramatic shine combine to create a dignified impression that will draw you in.
A deep color that gives off a mature, deep color, like a rich wine, gently blends into the skin color that evens out the texture of the eye area, creating a dignified and beautiful impression. The silver glitter shines among the gold pearls that emit a smooth light, creating a dramatic look every time you blink.