Celvoke Indicate Eyebrow Mascara C 2021 Summer Collection

Color 01 Persimmon

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Celvoke Indicate Eyebrow Mascara C 2021 Summer Collection.

Eyebrow mascara that creates a feeling of omission with red nuances.

Color-type eyebrow mascara is now available from popular eyebrow items.
Plant-derived wax coats and adheres to each eyebrow
with a formula that evenly disperses the coloring agent while keeping the hair flow firmly.
It is a prescription that can be turned off with hot water even though it does not easily collapse even with sebum or sweat. Uses a round brush that
catches any eyebrows and is easy to brush.
Produces eyebrows with a three-dimensional effect and a sense of omission.
Healthy and stylish "Persimmon (01)" Dignified and glossy "Habanero (02)" Three colors of
"Guava (EX01)" with a light and stylish feeling is available.

Limited edition released on April 12th.