Celvoke Foundation Brush A

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Celvoke Foundation Brush A.

Easier, more uniform, more natural. An original brush that elevates the finish to create sophisticated skin.

By making the tip shape a gentle dome shape, it is designed to allow the foundation to adhere easily from the wide surface of the cheeks and forehead to the small areas such as the eyes and the nostrils. In addition, by rounding the corners of the tip as much as possible, it prevents the tip from catching on the skin when the brush is tilted, allowing the brush to move gently against the skin. The fine bristles are densely set, so it has a firm texture and a smooth feel on the skin. Even when layering foundation, it can be adhered to the skin with an appropriate amount little by little, achieving a natural finish like bare skin while increasing coverage. Collaboration with Kumano Fude, a high-quality brush that Japan boasts to the world. Selvoke's brushes use artificial hair with a focus on finish and texture. Kumano brush craftsmen carefully make each brush.