Celvoke Calm Brightening Night Repair Mask

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Celvoke Calm Brightening Night Repair Mask.

Intensive beauty treatment with water storage CICA veil. The birth of the Night Repair Mask. Centella Asiatica leaf water, Centella asiatica leaf extract (all moisturizing ingredients).

The next morning, your skin will be supple and filled with moisture.
Contains "Night Repair Essence" that works on beautiful skin with sleep as your ally.


Remove the sheet from the aluminum bag and spread it out.
Since both sides of the biocellulose sheet are sandwiched between non-woven fabrics, one side of the non-woven fabric is removed, and
the eyes, nose, and mouth of the sheet are aligned and adhered to the skin.
Slowly remove the remaining non-woven fabric and remove the sheet after about 15 minutes.
Use your hands to fully absorb the essence remaining on your skin.