Canmake Munyutto Highlighter

Color [01] Moonlight Gem

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Canmake Munyutto Highlighter.

Resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing!
A fresh highlighter offering hydration and luster.

Squishy texture like raw cookie dough - Squishy, fresh, and springy, this highlighter feels dewy on the skin. Packed with powder that creates a rolling effect for ease of blending, it also contains silicone gel for a lightweight feel and silky finish after application.


[01]Moonlight Gem
A lustrous white beige containing silver, beige, and gold light-polarizing pearl.
[02]Rose Quartz
A pink that blends in well with your skin, containing red light-polarizing pearl, and silver, beige, and red pearl.
[03]Warm Rutile
A beige that blends in perfectly with your skin, enhanced with silver, beige.