& Be Pressed Cheek


Color Seemless Pink

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& Be Pressed Cheek.

A sheer blush with a sheer color that has no concealing power. The color design blends in with your skin color, creating a natural finish that will fit any skin tone. Hair and make-up Yusuke Kawakita, who believes in "cheekless makeup," creates cheeks that make the bones of Japanese women look beautiful.

Seamless beige -
A beige color that blends into your skin without dulling and creates a mature look. Also suitable for sunburn makeup and shading.

Seamless pink -
Pink adds a naturally cheerful complexion. It can be used on everyone from fair skin to tanned skin without causing color stains.

How to use -
Take an appropriate amount of powder with the included brush and apply the color little by little to areas where you want to give a flushed color, such as cheeks.
1. Take an appropriate amount of powder on a brush or sponge, check the intensity of the color with the back of your hand, and adjust the amount of powder until the color feels a little thin.
2. Starting from the side of your nose, gently blend the powder into your skin without using too much force.