Ayura Medicinal Herbal Hot Spa (8 packets)

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Ayura Medicinal Herbal Hot Spa (8 packets).

A herbal bath that improves daily fatigue, stiffness, and coldness.
When rubbed in hot water, the herbal ingredients gradually dissolve and promote sweating and metabolism.
The warm bath effect continues even after the bath is finished.

(8 packets)

how to use
A kneading type in which chopped crude drugs are packed in a bag.

Put 1 packet (30g) in the hot water (about 240L) of the bathtub, rub it lightly, and then take a bath.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate *, sodium chloride *, licorice *, licorice powder *, oyster powder *, gaiyou *, dextrin, fragrance, yellow 4, green 201
* are "active ingredients" No indication is "other ingredients"