Ayura Aroma Herbal Bath Houkasoyu α (8 packets)

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Ayura Aroma Herbal Bath Houkasoyu α (8 packets)

A bath powder that is gently wrapped in plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients to make your skin smooth.
Enjoy a bath time that will fill your heart with the mellow and mellow water.

(8 packets)
Put 1 bag (40g) in the hot water (about 200L) of the bathtub, dissolve it, and then take a bath.

To enjoy the scent, it is recommended to take a bath immediately after melting.

Na hydrogen carbonate, Na carbonate, cellulose gum, fragrance, yomogi leaf extract, honeybee seed extract, tencha extract, jojoba seed oil, rice bran oil, glycerin, dextrin, titanium oxide, Ca silicate, kaolin, water, BG, ethanol, yellow 4, green 201