Albion Studio Beauty Foundation

Color 010 refill

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Albion Studio Beauty Foundation.

The moment you put it on, the three-dimensional effect is striking.
For beautiful skin that is dense, moist and moist.

A powder foundation that creates a dense film without gaps to give a glossy texture that gives a three-dimensional effect and moisture.
Moisturizes and spreads smoothly and fits like it sticks to your skin. Just by applying it, it accentuates the shadows and gives the skin a sharp look, creating a beautiful three-dimensional effect. A beautiful finish continues with an excellent lasting effect.

6 colors
SPF15 PA+++

When using for the first time, turn the dial at the bottom of the container to the right little by little while checking that the contents come out of the sponge part at the tip.
At the beginning of use, it may take a while for the contents to come out.
After the second time, if you turn the dial too many times at once, the contents may come out too much, so please turn it 2-3 times at a time to adjust the amount.
Apply directly to the skin so that the sponge part is lightly applied, and blend lightly with your fingertips.
After use, wipe the sponge part with a tissue and close the cap firmly.