Albion Flarune Soft Fondue Cleansing Cream


Albion Flarune Soft Fondue Cleansing Cream

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Albion Soft Fondue Cleansing Cream.

Wrap it up and turn it off.
For moist and clear skin.

A smooth base that melts and spreads smoothly, removing make-up and dirt.
A cleansing cream that prepares the stratum corneum and leads to moist, soft and bright skin.



    Take an amount about the size of a cherry (about 3g) in the palm of your hand, place it on 5 areas of your face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), and spread it on your skin in a spiral motion with your fingertips, thoroughly blending it with makeup and dirt. I will let you. After that, wipe off with tissue paper, being careful not to rub your skin too hard, or wash off with water or lukewarm water.