Albion Loose Powder Mist


Albion Loose Powder Mist

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Albion Loose Powder Mist.

For smooth skin with a single wipe.
Mist type face powder.

A mist-like face powder that instantly makes your skin smooth and silky with just one swipe, creating a soft, bright and beautiful finish.
Fresh, cool and comfortable to use. With a smooth and powdery finish, it prevents makeup from coming off and provides a bright and beautiful finish that lasts for a long time.


    Since it is a two-layer type, please shake it well before using.
    Use it to finish your foundation or touch up your makeup.
    Close your eyes and mouth and keep a distance of about 20 cm from your face. Spray an appropriate amount (about 6 to 8 pushes) on the entire face, and then lightly blend with the palm of your hand.