Addiction The Lipstick Bold

Color 001 No Doubt

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Addiction The Lipstick Bold.

The color appears true on the lips. Deep bold color adheres snugly.
The reason the vivid color won't bleed or fade and retains its freshly applied condition is that it adheres so snugly to the lips.

In addition to true color that goes on exactly as it looks and a superb shine, you’ll love the smooth, comfortable texture. Vividly colored and snugly adhering lipstick, created predominantly in ADDICTION's signature beiges and reds.

From July 2020, the packaging will be updated for each color.

  • Vividly colored and snugly adhering gel base formula adheres smoothly and delivers vivid color.
  • Adds a natural shine, for plump, full-looking lips.
  • Fragrance free