Addiction The Color Chic Eyeliner

Color 01 Mariage

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Addiction The Color Chic Eyeliner.

Completion of SMOKEY EYE, which has evolved "black" hidden behind colorful colors As the word "I wanted to arrange" color "instead of black or gray", 10 color eyeliners are now available.
A total of 10 colors that playfully color your eyes with deep and chic color variations in addition to the standard and unique absolute 4 colors.

We are particular about ease of use, and the core is softened to make it easier to draw, so you can freely use lines and smudges.
This is a proposal for a new SMOKEY EYE that creates an impressive eye area with black hidden behind the vivid colors.

You can create a gradation by blurring with your finger immediately after drawing.
It fits snugly over time and does not twist.
At the eyes, draw a line to fill the space between the eyelashes.
The core is soft and easy to draw, so the point is not to put too much effort.