Addiction Makeup Sponge Glowfix

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Addiction Makeup Sponge Glowfix.

A make -up sponge that brings out the luster and adheres to your foundation for a
class-up finish. With a fine texture that feels comfortable on the skin, it adheres the foundation evenly and enhances the lasting effect while giving the skin a glossy finish. When it is soaked with water, it becomes large and soft, and the feeling of adhesion to the skin, the height of the gloss, and the three-dimensional effect are improved.

    ■ Please soak the sponge in water and wring it out before use.
    Can be used without water.
    ■ Place the foundation on your skin and spread it by tapping lightly with the flat part of the sponge.
    The more you hit it, the more lustrous it becomes, and the better the fit.
    ■ Slide the sides and bottom of the sponge up to your neck to bring out the natural skin tone and create an even more beautiful finish.

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