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Summer, Summer!

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What is the makeup style you like the most during the hot Summer? The most popular brands have the new plan for the coming summer. 

The following article will introduce 8 brands' summer new release.

1. Suqqu

Suqqu1Suqqu's summer new products will be released on May 7, 2021. The new sets include one "Suqqu signature color eyes", one "Suqqu comfort lip fluid glow" and one "Suqqu retouch presto powder".


Suqqu Signature Color Eyes, Color 104, Limited quantity release on May 7, 2021.

This is a palette of sand beige and copper orange. Color A is a shimmer color that can be used for improving the transparency of eyelids and also be applied to the tearbag. Color B is matte sand beige that can be used as the base color for the eyes as well as the lower eyelids. Color C is the main color as the metallic reddish orange, which express the fun of summer. Color D is a soft brown that help to define the eyelid and also used as the eyeliner.


Suqqu Comfort Lip Fluid Glow, Color 104, released on May 7, 2021.

Color 104 is a limited edition lipstick with the bronze red and gold pearls.

Suqqu 4

Suqqu Retouch Presto Powder, Color 102, Limited quantity released on May 7, 2021.

The presto powder is coral beige and light blue colors in one palette. The mix of light blue enhances the transparency of the face powder, which fit with the summer weather perfectly.

2. RMK


RMK's summer collection is more focused on volume eyes, inspired by the art and fashion of the 1960s.


RMK High Volume Mascara, all two colors, release on April 16, 2021


RMK Mini Brush Mascara, all 2 colors, release on April 16, 2021

The mini brush can be applied to the short and thin lashes and gives a delicate long lashes appeal.



RMK Eyelash Curler XS, Limited release on April 16

The RMK Eyelash Curler is RMK's first partial eyelash curler to apply to the specialised eyelash and make a more delicate eyelash makeup. The smaller size eyelash curler is easier to control and can be applied to the root.


RMK Soft Metallic Eye Pencil, all 4 colors, limited quantity release on April 16th

The dense gel gives a rich blend of delicate pearls that creates a luxe shine and strong presence.


RMK The Now Now Eyes, all 2 colors, limited quantity release on April 16

The RMK Now Now Eyeshadow gives a wet texture and pearl rich shine that enrich the transparent, luster look which looks fresh and sexy in Summer. The 01 color and 02 color are cold and warm colors fits to different moods.


RMK The Now Now Blush, 2 colors, limited quantity release on April 16th.

The two blushes creates a lustrous pearly look and healthy summer face. It is a slightly complexion and natural three dimensional effect.


RMK Lipstick Comfort Airy Shine, 1 color EX-01, limited quantity release on April 16

It is a Mauve Pink Color with a glossy glow and dripping moisture look. A sweet fig scent it is.


RMK Lipstick Comfort Bright Rich, 1 color EX-04, limited quantity release April, 16.

It is a pink coral color gives a gorgeous bright and lusterous look.

3. Amplitude

Amplitude summer collection is a feminine watercolour inspired touch, with a theme of beautiful "transition" created by summer color and light. The new release includes 4 colors of eyeshadow, 2 colors of highlighters and 5 colors of lip gloss.


Amplitude Conspiracy Liquid Eyes, all 4 colors, 07, 08, 09, 10, release on May 19

The new colors is based on a light water feeling and gives the transparent and fresh texture, which shines and lasts long in the Summer.



Amplitude Conspiracy Creamy Highlights, 2 colors, release on May 19.

The Amplitude conspiracy creamy highlights are the creamy type highlighters which creates a three dimensional effect. This is the high quality luster with a wet feeling. Given a pearly glass look, the highlighters help the skin to be a watery shining under the summer sunlight.


Amplitude Unpredicted Conspiracy Lip Gloss, new 5 colors, release on May 19.

The new lipsticks are the combine of softness and luster, which is a nice touch up for a fresh summer look.

4. Jill Stuart


Jill Stuart summer collection - "Petal Glow", at the start of summer's day, the beauty fo a flower glistening with the morning dew makes the heart sing. 


Jill Stuart Etenal Couture Eyes Shimmer Petal Glow, 2 colors, limited quantity relase on April 2

Petal Glow 11 EveningSunstone is a warm orange palette like a sparkling jewel reflecting the setting sun. Petal Glow 12 Crystal Hydrangea is a purple palette inspired by the beauty of raindrops glistening on hydrangea petals.


Jill Stuart Bloom Mix Blush Compact Petal Glow, 1 color, limited release on April 2

Jill Stuart Bloom Mix Blush Compact Petal Glow 14 sensual lantana is a set in coral and lavender like the lantana flower of multicoloured expressiveness.


Jill Stuart Eye Jewel Dew Petal Glow, 2 colors, limited quantity released on April 2.

09 Mermaid wind is a cute crystal orange and 10 fairy kiss is the crystal white. The packing is specially designed as a flower pattern that sways on the surface of the water.

5. Les Melveyuses Ladurée

ld1Laduree 2021 summer collection. The theme of make-up is "Dazzling summer of Melveyuses". It includes a eyeshadow, a powder cheeks and a lipsticks. Both the packaging and the colors give the fresh expression of hot summer.

ld2Les Melveyuses Ladurée Shimmering Powder Blush 102 Eclosure, limited release on April 24.

It is a gorgeous pink powder cheek with a beautiful blue-red floral packaging, which reflects the passion of hot summer.ld3Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Eye Color Collection 08 Bonne Yumur, released on April 24.

It is a high quality powder with sheer and matte texture. Mixing the clear and fresh color brings the fun of summer makeup.ld4Les Melveyuses Ladurée, Lip Color 15 Rouge Prim, release on April 24, 2021

6. Shu Uemura X Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris

shu1Shu Uemura X Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris, released on May 6th. The collection includes 5 types of items inspired by matcha and read beans. The collection includes 2 eye palettes, Rouge Unlimited 6 colors, Ultim cleansing oil for beauty 450ml, Hard fomula seal brown 02 and the Stock brush.

shu2Shu Uemura X Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris

shu4Shu Uemura X Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris

shu4Shu Uemura X Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki paris

7. Lunasol


Lunasol Desert Rendezvous - Epice Jaune, release on May 21


Lunasol Desert Rendezvous - Doux Souvenirs, release on May 16


Lunasol Eye Coloration, 2 types, limited quantity released on May 21

The new eye colors express the Sahara Desert, where the sun draws mysterious shadows, and the city of Marrakech, which is bustling with various colors and scents. Even though it is a powder, it has a wet luster and sheer feel of oil, creating an inhaled eye area. EX10 is a spicy combination of brown that looks like charred yellow and calm terracotta. EX11 is a mysterious color with a glowing blue sparkle in a blazing rose pink.


Lunasol Coloring Glaze, 2 colors, limited quantity release on May 21

A cheek color that controls the healthy glow of sunburn by multiplying the skin of midsummer, which looks like it was lit by strong sunlight, with a glossy color and light. EX03 is a bronze shade x shimmer sand beige. EX04 has a rose coral that is familiar to the skin and creates a complexion.


Lunasol Seamless Matte Lips. 2 colors, limited quantity released on May 21, 2021

Introducing a new exotic color for matte lip that creates a feeling of mellowness with a single coat. The reddish mauve brown EX04 is beautiful to the skin color. EX05 with shiny gold gives a healthy impression with a rose color.


Lunasol Gel Oil Lips, 1 color EX07, limited quantity release on May 21

Gel oil lips with pearls that have a strong presence and sparkle like stardust in blue, pink, and silver. The transparent and dense oil spreads comfortably on the lips and keeps a three-dimensional glossy film.


Lunasol Eyelash Curl Primer, release on May 21, 2021

Introducing a mascara base that keeps beautiful curled lashes with firmness and keeps dignified upward lashes. An oil-based type that is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, and gently blends into each eyelash to give it an appropriate amount of firmness. There is no whiteness or dryness, so it has a supple finish like your own eyelashes.


Lunasol Fluttering Power Eye Rush, release on May 21, 2021

Jet-black mascara make time until the eye of the contour jet-black mascara to give a gloss, such as wet with human painted. The contours of the eyes are beautifully emphasized, and the more they are layered, the stronger and bolder the look. With its high curl-keeping power, it impresses your eyes every time you blink. An emulsified type that does not easily bleed and can be removed with hot water.


Lunasol Fix & Set Airy Mist (St of Calm), limited quantity release on May 21, 2021

A mist-like lotion that fixes makeup and keeps a beautiful finish , giving it fresh moisture and luster, and enhancing the finish of makeup. Envelops the skin with a pleasant scent of herbs, citrus and woody with a hint of spice.

8. Nars


Nars summer, "NARS Uninhibited Collection" will be released as limited quantities from May 28th.


NARS Uninstall Eye Shadow Palette, limited quantity released on May 28th

A set of 9 highly colored colors with a soft texture like butter. With textures such as matte and glitter, rose to mauve colors are arranged in an exquisite balance. The color overlap is beautiful, and it is a stylish palette that can be combined with any color.


NARS Uninstalled Brush Duo, limited quantity released on May 28

An oversized brush palette that makes you want to apply colors gently and boldly with a large brush. Soft pink that shines in gold (palette right) and beige "4078", which is also NARS's bestseller, are set on the left side of the palette.


NARS Afterglow Lip Shine, 3colors, limited quantity release on May 28

A liquid lip that gives you a lustrous luster just by applying it quickly. "01615" is a rose that is familiar to the skin and has fine gold pearls in it. "01617" is the most transparent of these, with a slight peach color and a delicate pink pearl. "01619" is a wonderful sweet and sour color like raspberry with gold shimmering!


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