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Autumn New Release

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The coming August is the big month for cosmetics lovers. Almost every brand comes out with their new collection for Autumn/Winter collection 2021 in July/August.

Let's take a look at the swatches and the latest news.

1. Suqqu 

Suqqu's new collection is for an adult that has a pure and supple nature color as an inspiration.

Suqqu eyeshadow

Suqqu eyeshadow

1.1 Suqqu Signature Color Eyes F/W 2021 - The warmth of trees. Dew drops on a tree trunk. Add the subtle color of autumn trees to your eyes.

  • 106 冴樹 -SAEGI
  • 107 露桐 -TSUYUKIRI

Launch Date: Friday 6th August 2021 in Japan

SUQQU Shear Matte Lipstick
SUQQU Shear Matte Lipstick2

1.2 Suqqu Shear Matte Lipstick - All 13 colors (10 new colors, 3 limited colors). 

Launch Date: Friday 6th August 2021. (Second picture is color 06  樹皮 JUHI, from suqqu official instagram)
  • 01 山桜 YAMAZAKURA- Natural rose
  • 02 萩風 HAGIKAZE- Pink beige
  • 03 青玉 SEIGYOKU - Orchid pink
  • 04 紅玉色 KOUGYOKUIRO - Mineral red
  • 05 椎実 SHIINOMI - Tangerine brown
  • 06 樹皮 JUHI -Tea brown
  • 07 濃胡桃 KOIKURUMI -Walnut brown
  • 08 紅紫 BENIMURASAKI- Chillian purple
  • 09 真赤色 MAAKAIRO - Classic red
  • 10 焦紅 KOGAREAKA - Brownie red
  • 101 白茶 HAKUCHA - Maple beige (limited)
  • 102 琥珀糖 KOHAKUTOU - Sweet amber (limited)
  • 103 玉樹色 GYOKUJUIRO -Coffee brown (limited)

Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes 2021 F/W Limited

1.3 Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes 2021 F/W Limited-107 and 108. 

Launch Date: Friday 6th August 2021.

  • 107 宵雫 YOISHIZUKU
  • 108 明雫 AKESHIZUKU
SUQQU Pure Color Blush

1.4 Suqqu pure color blush Limited - 128, 129

Launch Date: Friday 6th August 2021.
  • 128 朽葉 KUCHIHA
  • 129 冬木立 FUYUKODACHI

2. Lunasol

Lunasol's 2021 Fall collection gives a sense of craftsman and spirit of jewellers. It is quite rich but also transparent.
Lunasol 2021 F/W
Lunasol eye coloration - 2 limited colors

2.1 Lunasol eye coloration - 2 limited colors

  • EX12 Flawless Clarity- Flawless Clarity with a sophisticated beige and colorless three-dimensional
  • effect EX13 Modern Attitude-A modern attitude with a cool khaki and silver shine.
Limited release on July 16, 2021 (Friday)
Lunasol Plump Mellow Lips Satin

2.2 Lunasol Plump Mellow Lips Satin

  • EX01 Serenity Red - Serenity Red that brings out the charm of adults coolly with calm red
  • EX02 Bracing Mist - Blazing mist with shimmering silver pearls in coral beige
Limited release on July 16, 2021 (Friday)
Lunasol Secret Shape Palette

2.3 Lunasol Secret Shape Palette

A palette containing three colors: a teak color that gives a natural complexion, a balm-type glossy color that gives a wet luster, and a natural shade color that tightens the facial features. Manipulate soft shadows and wet luster to make the skeleton beautiful and give a firm impression.
  • EX 01 Bare Tone
Limited release on July 16, 2021 (Friday)
Lunasol Flash Creator

2.4 Lunasol Flash Creator

An eyeliner with sparkling pearls in deep brown, just like studded with bijou. If you use the line as it is, it will have an impact, and if you blur it before fixing, it will also work as an eye shadow.
  • Limited 1 color EX06 Brown Topaz - Brown topaz with clear pearls in deep brown
Limited release on July 16, 2021 (Friday)
Lunasol Fluttering Power Eyelash

2.5 Lunasol Fluttering Power Eyelash

The limited color of fluttering power eyelash that appeared in the summer collection is now available. Even the contours of the eyes are beautifully emphasised with a single coat, giving an impressive look as you layer them.
  • EX 01 Garnet Cacao - Garnet cacao with red nuances hidden in dense brown
3. Les Merveilleuses LADUREE
Under the theme of "Un Automne Sculptural", Laduree have a lineup of 3 types of eye color, stick rouge, and cream teak with a new formula, which are inspired by the depth and shade of the flowers that bloom in autumn in France.
Laduree 2021 Fall Winter
Les Melveyuses Ladurée Cream Blush

3.1 Les Melveyuses Ladurée Cream Blush - 6 colors, release on August 1, 2021

  • 01 Low trousers Bonbon 
  • 02 Rose Franboise 
  • 03 Rose Corail
  • 04 Rose Violet 
  • 05 Rose Phrase
  • 06 Rose Vrule
Les Melveyuses Ladurée Eye Colors

3.2 Les Melveyuses Ladurée Eye Colors - 5 colors, release on August 1, 2021


Shining eye color that gives you a deep sense of depth An eye color that gives you a deep, ready-to-use eye with a luxurious luster and transparent coloring. Although it is a powder, it has a moist and smooth feel, and the pearls adhere to it, keeping a delicate shine even on the eyelids with a lot of movement. Also pay attention to the limited design with the lilac color and the melveyuse cameo.
  • 101 Violet De Bois
  • 102 Trefle A Cattle Fille
  • 103 Rose Campanule
  • 104 Ortancia Blue
  • 105 Fleur Dussi
Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Stick Rouge

3.3 Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Stick Rouge - 3 colors

  • 101 Rouge Cosmos - Autumn Brown
  • 102 Rouge Rila - Coquettish Lilac
  • 103 Rouge Iris - Melty Brown

4. RMK - Rosewood Daydream

RMK Rosewood Daydream
"RMK" has entered a new phase with YUKI as the new creative director from the 2021 autumn collection. 
RMK Rosewood Daydream
An autumn afternoon where you can space out between your dreams and reality. The warm, soft sun rays illuminate the eyelids dazzlingly. Rosewood, Maroon, Amber, Golden Siena, Mauve. It's brownish, grayish pinks. Faded rock color, dry wooden doors, burnt earth. It's a quiet, warm and mysterious daydream. chic, contemporary warm color collection that raids back and takes you to a comfortable time .
RMK Rosewood Daydream 4 Eyes

4.1 RMK Rosewood Daydream 4 Eyes - 4 types, Friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release.

Can be layered or single color. Matte, satin, shimmer, and shiny to freely color your eyes with four textures . An eye color palette with four different textures. The spicy color with less sweetness is an image of the sky of an autumn day. 
  • 01 Canyon Debreak
  • 02 Rustic Rose
  • 03 Golden Sienna
  • 04 Autumn Dusk

4.2 RMK Rosewood Didream Liquid Eyes - 4 colors, friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release.

  • 01 Mystic Rosewood
  • 02 Amberg Grain
  • 03 Rose Mist
  • 04 Orange Horizon
RMK Soft Fine Eye Pencil

4.3 RMK Soft Fine Eye Pencil -  4 new colors, Friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release

  • EX-05 Raybread
  • EX-06 Desert Haze
  • EX-07 Autumn Tan
  • EX-08 Muted Maroon
RMK Lipstick Comfort Airy Shine

4.4 RMK Lipstick Comfort Airy Shine - 5 new colors, Friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release.

Autumn outfit with a modern color that is fresh and not too sweet . A five-color lipstick that doesn't overstate, yet adds beauty, intelligence, emotional mood and a sense of omission. We have a lineup of attractive colors that can be used casually or maturely, such as fresh red brown that brings out the natural color of the lips and Move Vlaun that matches any skin color.
  • EX-02 Brick dust
  • EX-03 Desert heat
  • EX-04 Moody mauve
  • EX-05 Coral spice
  • EX-06 Infatuation
RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N

4.5 RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N - 3 new colors, Friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release.

  • EX-19 Amber Sunset
  • EX-20 Wild Pink
  • EX-21 Hopeful

 RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder

4.6 RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder - 2 new colors, Friday, August 6, 2021 Limited quantity release.

  • EX-01 Hazy Afternoon
  • EX-02 Morning Oasis
5. Amplitude
Amplitude announces the 2021 Fall / Winter collection. 
"Colorful" was the challenge of the brand, which is based on the concept of "sophisticated adult beauty", this fall and winter. While maintaining the exhilaration of colors that makes you feel excited just by looking at them, we valued the edgy color balance that only adult women can express and the sexy facial expressions that are created there, creating unprecedented colors. 
Amplitude Conspiracy Double Eyes
5.1 Amplitude Conspiracy Double Eyes - 5 new colors,  New release on Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  • 11 Camel
  • 12 Vermilion Orange
  • 13 Marron Brown
  • 14 Deep Purple
  • 15 Deep Green
Amplitude Conspiracy Matte Cheeks
5.2 Amplitude Conspiracy Matte Cheeks - 3 new colors, New release on Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  • 01 Soft pink
  • 02 Tangerine
  • 03 Yellow brown
Amplitude Conspiracy Lips
5.3 Amplitude Conspiracy Lips - 5 new colors, New release on Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  • 19 light beige
  • 20 soft coral beige
  • 21 coral pink beige
  • 22 lavender
  • 23 dark cherry red
Amplitude Unpredicted Conspiracy Lip Liner
5.4 Amplitude Unpredicted Conspiracy Lip Liner - 1 new colors, New release on Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  • 14 light beige

Amplitude Eyebrow Color Mascara

5.5 Amplitude Eyebrow Color Mascara - 5 new colors, New release on Wednesday, August 4, 2021
The first eyebrow mascara is born from "Amplitude" , a lineup of exquisite colors that make your eyebrows look natural . The hair flow is adjusted and the facial impression is beautiful.
  • 01 Gold Beige
  • 02 Natural Brown
  • 03 Mocha Brown
  • 04 Burgundy
  • 05 Deep Purple
6. Addiction
The autumn collection of "Addiction" has a lineup of colorful items with the theme of the expression of the sea. Introducing attractive items that expand the possibilities of eye makeup, such as color mascara with abundant varieties and limited eye palettes.
Addiction The Mascara Color Nuance WP
6.1 Addiction The Mascara Color Nuance WP - All 10 colors, new release on August 6, 2021 (Friday)
  • 001 Black River Dense and glossy black like jet black
  • 002 Rusty OFDM Elegant dark brown
  • 003 Dark Mustard Neutral mustard beige
  • 004 Rusty Apricot Bitter apricot
  • 005 Cinnamon Brown Deep cinnamon orange
  • 006 Deep Plum Deep Plum
  • 007 Cloudy Mauve
  • 008 Dusty Sky Dusty Sky reminiscent of a cloudy sky
  • 009 Starry Sea Deep blue like the sea with starlight
  • 010 Pine Tree Deep dark green
Addiction Compact Addiction
6.2 Addiction Compact Addiction “Sense of Clarity” -  All 3 types, new release on August 6, 2021 (Friday)
A mode palette that allows you to enjoy three textures The eye shadow palette that expresses the sea at dawn, which has begun to dye in the morning sun, the beautiful sea dyed in coral reefs, and the untouched unexplored sea, is on sale for a limited time. Layered with three textures of pearl, sparkle, and matte, it expresses a delicate shimmer like the surface of the water.
  • 101 Dawn Reflection Orange / beige set with the image of the sea reflecting the sun at dawn
  • 102 Red Sea Red coral pink set with the image of the sea dyed red on coral reefs
  • 103 Untouched Ocean Untouched Purple dusty pink set with the image of an unexplored sea
Addiction The Matt Lip Liquid
6.3 Addiction The Matt Lip Liquid - All 5 new colors, release on August 6, 2021 (Friday)
  • 014 Jupiter Clouds Cloudy - orange from yellow
  • 015 Dark Vermilion Vermilion - orange from bitter red
  • 016 Posh Rose Grayish - pink that gives a noble impression
  • 017 Ash Rose Calm - grayish rose
  • 018 Devious Red Wine - red that confuses the other party

 7. Three

Three Stardust Dreamer Mood Palette7.1 Three Stardust Dreamer Mood Palette, Limited quantity released on August 4th.

A palette of two types of eye shadows and cheeks that image the mysterious and mysterious glow of the planet and the delicate light that floats in the universe.

  • X01 PLANET DREAM QUEEN (limited)
  • X02 MOONLIGHT MAJESTY (limited)

Three Mezmorizing Performance Eyeliner Pencil

7.2 Three Mezmorizing Performance Eyeliner Pencil, limited quantity released on August 4th.

  • TS01 (limited)
  • TS02 (limited)
  • TS03
  • TS04

THREE Cosmic Kiss Lip Cloud

7.3 THREE Cosmic Kiss Lip Cloud - limited quantity released on August 4th.

  • X01
  • X02

THREE Dearingly Distinct Trip Stick

7.4 THREE Dearingly Distinct Trip Stick, released on August 4th.

Creamy matte lipstick that links the ever-changing emotions with the planet. Three colors that naturally blend in with the expression by hiding the shadow color in the magical and overwhelming color. With a light touch that makes you forget to apply it, you can achieve vivid colors without dullness over time.


THREE Art Expressionist Mascara

7.5  THREE Art Expressionist Mascara, August 4, 2021 Limited quantity release

X01 is a lavender color with a light blue pearl. Bordeaux pearls are fascinating and passionate about X02. Bring out an unknown expression by giving power and delicacy to your eyes.

  • X01 JUPITER MAGIC (limited)
  • X02 BELLA LUNA (limited)


A new wind is blowing here. The transparent air that continues forever and the
beautiful gradation of light that spreads in front of you are a symbol of freedom.

MiMC 2021 AW COLLECTION expresses the layered minerals as a memory of nature with warm earthstones and the clear iridescent color of the wind that blows freely toward the future. Put the illusion that the two are born in harmony on the gaze that looks at the change lightly.MIMC AutumnAutumn2

Mimc Earth Tone Control Clear Powder

8.1 Mimc Earth Tone Control Clear Powder - released on August 4th

  • Light - Soft and bright finish like a chiffon veil
  • Beige - For a healthy finish, also recommend for men

30 Mother Earth

8.2 Bio Moisture Shadow - 30 Mother Earth

Pink beige that gently gives off an elegant luster and purple gray that gives a soft warmth. Two sophisticated colors that allow you to enjoy delicate color changes.

Mineral Liquid Lee Shadow

8.3 Mimc Mineral Liquid Lee Shadow - 07 Illusion

Mineral long eye rush

8.4 Mimc Mineral Long Eye Rush - 05 Terracotta

Mineral eyeliner

8.5 Mimc Mineral eyeliner - 07 Brick orange

A crisp brick orange that looks like a deep brown without blackness. You can freely produce from natural to mode.

Mimc Mineral Stick Teak - 03 Harmony

8.6 Mimc Mineral Stick Cheek - 03 Harmony

A coral color that creates a look full of vitality. It fits well on the skin and can be layered freely.




Please note: Some of the nail products are not included in the article. Pictures are from online source.

Autumn 2021 Makeup

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