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A cleanser starts the process of skincare routine. A good cleanser can comfort the chaos that happens in the day. The 1-2 cm volume of the cleanser creates a handful of foam which softly moves all the dirt and imperfections away.

1. The first cleanser can’t go wrong is “Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash 130g”.

Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash

“Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash” is Kanebo’s new release in late summer 2020. When using it, this cleanser gives the feeling of applying a stretchy essence, and you even feel your skin is moisturized after wash up.

The cleanser is the winner of the best COSMETICS AWARDS SS 2020 BEST WASH ITEM.

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2. The second cleaner is our all-time favorite “Pola BA Wash”.

Pola BA Wash is a rich, voluminous foam cleanly removes trapped impurities while preserving moisture. It is the kind of deep facial cleanser, and you’ll feel the dense form compared to other cleansers, which is suitable for oily skin. The cleanser gives the floral woody scent so that you’ll feel the freshness as well as your skin can finally breathe.



3. The third cleanser is our most popular cleanser. “ The Ginza Creamy Cleanser”

With the rosy floral scent, washing the face becomes the pure joy skincare process to start a beautiful day.

The Ginza Cleanser


The small tips on how to use a form cleanser.

Step1, Wet the face with clean water.

Step2, Get the appropriate amount of the cleanser (1cm for the night and 0.5cm for the morning), add water into the cleanser, and make foams with your hand or fingers.

Step3, Apply the foam on the T zone and other oily parts.

Step4, Gently apply the foam onto the entire face and gently massage.

Step5, wash up the foam thoroughly with clean water.

Pola BA Wash Step1

Pola BA Wash Step2

Pola BA Wash Step3

Pola BA Wash Step1

Pola BA Wash Step5

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