Three Complete Harmony Foundation

Color 100

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Three Complete Harmony Foundation

Free from parabens, synthetic perfumes, organic dyes, animal-derived ingredients, and mineral oils.

This foundation stretches out like a yogini while its moisture adds to the skin’s firmness.

The creamy liquid foundation makes its debut, keeping makeup on any expressive face.

Covering up the signs of aging that bother you, it blends well with the skin to bring out a firm, natural finish all day.

The moisture-rich texture, like a skin care product, allows you to reapply your makeup as much as you like.

Controlling the coverage strength, it completes the beauty of “polished, bare skin” instead of “skin covered with makeup.”

Utilizing the light reflected off clear pearls, it creates airy ageless expressions.

  • 28g
  • SPF35/PA+++ UV absorber-free