Three Balancing Lotion R

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Suffused with dewiness to achieve the optimal moisture balance.
Suffused with freshness of the plants themselves, the lotion is gentle to the skin.
In addition to other carefully selected botanical waters such as Striped Bamboo Water and Apple Fruit Water, the lotion now contains Noni Juice, a new ingredient that supports the skin’s barrier function.
The lotion quickly penetrates into the skin to quench it, then deeply replenishes the horny layer with moisture, regulating the balance of sebum in it.
The deeply hydrating formula leaves the skin clear and firm.

  • How to use - After washing the face, saturate 2 cotton pads with 3 pumps of the product. Gently apply to the face from the jawline upward and from the center of the face outward, letting the lotion penetrate into the skin. Hold a cotton pad in each hand then move both hands symmetrically in a rolling motion without sliding them. Finally, gently press and hold the parotid glands for a few seconds.
  • 140 ml