Three Balancing Cream R

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Three Balancing Cream R.

Melting into the skin to infuse it with moisture.Awakens supple and resilient skin.
Moisture-rich cream with a velvety texture.
The cream glides onto the skin as if melting into it, enveloping it with rich moisture.
As well as supporting the skin’s barrier function, it infuses the skin with the bounties of plants including Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, which work towards improving dullness and elasticity of skin that has started to show signs of aging.
The “High-performance cream” regulates the skin’s moisture balance, leaving it supple and resilient.

How to use - After preparing the skin with emulsion, take an adequate amount of the product (size of 2 large pearls) and warm it between the palms. Covering the face with the palms of your hands, take a deep breath. Gently apply to the face from the jawline upward and from the center of the face outward, letting the cream penetrate into the skin. Finally, gently press and hold the parotid glands for a few seconds.

  • 99% Naturally derived ingredients
  • 25g