Shiro Zero Verbena Body Mist

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Shiro Zero Verbena Body Mist

Enjoy the fresh and gentle scent of verbena all over your body. From the ZERO COLLECTION FRAGRANCE, born from a concept of creating nothing new, comes 'Zero Verbena', a perfect scent for summer.

Starting with a fresh top note reminiscent of freshly squeezed citrus and juicy fruits blending together, it transitions to a middle note where a subtle floral fragrance enhances the citrus scent. The last note delivers a calming woody aroma that gives depth to the overall scent.

This body mist envelops you in a moisturizing veil while allowing you to fully enjoy the fragrance of 'Zero Verbena'. Every spray moisturizes your body with yuzu, leaving your skin non-sticky yet moist, making it an ideal item for summer skincare. With its gentle fragrance that complements various lifestyles, it is also recommended as a gift.


Spray an appropriate amount all over your body from a distance of about 20 cm.

Ethanol, water, fragrance, yuzu peel water, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium lactate, persimmon tannin, hinoki oil, glycerin, lactic acid.