Shiro Ginger Eyeshadow Palette

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Shiro Ginger Eyeshadow Palette

The first 9-color ginger eyeshadow palette that envelops your eyelids with an aurora-like glow.

Introducing for the first time a 9-color ginger eyeshadow palette that contains ginger, which cares for the delicate eye area, and allows you to enjoy eye makeup while caring for your eyelids.
The top row contains one powder and one cream highlighter, and a multi-purpose gold-colored powder. The middle row has 3 colors that color the eyes. The lower row is a set of three pearl colors that wrap the entire eyelid in sparkle, all new colors.
Pick up your favorite color and enjoy the variety of colors and expressions that suit your mood that day.

W 97 mm x H 97 mm x D 14 mm

Limited release on March 29th