RMK Smooth Soap Bar


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RMK Smooth Soap Bar. 

A soap bar with a smooth finish that cleans pores with the adsorptive power of clay.
A solid type facial cleanser that removes dirt while adsorbing it with clay that contains plenty of minerals. With fine bubbling like meringue, it firmly adsorbs old keratin and dirt on pores. It is a gentle wash with less strain on the skin. The blended oil component keeps the moisture and makes you want to touch it forever, with a smooth and smooth finish. A herbal citrus scent that makes you want to take a deep breath and wash your heart.

  • Wet your face in advance.
  • Take an appropriate amount on the palm and add a small amount of lukewarm water to whisk.
  • Wrap your face in foam and wash, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.