RMK Lip Base Liner


Color 01 Sienna Suede

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RMK Lip Base Liner.

The color, the form, the texture. This one will give you the ideal lips.
Choose a lip base liner that matches your lips and skin tone, not the color of your lip makeup. Not only does it help define the contours of your lips, but if you apply it gently, it will add a natural complexion. The soft matte texture spreads smoothly and does not float on your face, giving the impression of "naturally beautiful lips."
Adopts a thick core with a diagonal cut, allowing you to create detailed edges or apply it on the surface. Layering lip color brings out the best finish and further enhances the longevity. A versatile product that can be used with any color, adding even more sophistication to your lip makeup.

2 colors

01 Sienna Suede
A honey beige that suppresses the redness of your lips and gives them a neutral color. Even if you have a naturally dark color, you should be able to enjoy the pure color of your lip color as long as you have this product.
02 Chelsea Brick
A rose beige that brings the most natural complexion to your lips. By recreating realistic dullness, it blends easily into pale lips and brings out even the complexion.