RMK Eye Defining Pencil (Limited Color)


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RMK Eye Defining Pencil (Limited Color).

Autumn color eyeliner with subtle pearl glitter. A color that can be the leading role in finishing eye makeup with this one or layering with eye shadow.
Three limited colors are now available from eye pencils that combine smooth drawing comfort and fit. Blended with fine gold pearls, it blends well with the skin while enhancing the eyes, giving it a chic and trendy look. You can freely use it to draw a clear line, smudge with a tip or brush immediately after application to color your eyelids, or enjoy layering with an eyeshadow palette.

・EX-02 Shimmering Hazel
Amber brown with golden light. A chic and fashionable color with a hint of sweetness.

・EX-03 Ocean Jade Gentle
moss green with gold pearls of different sizes. A stylish color that combines a gorgeous mood with depth.

・EX-04 Metallic Mulberry
Mauve pink that gives gorgeousness and softness in one stroke. Delicate red and gold pearl blend for warm yet sophisticated eyes.