RMK Dewy Melt Lip Color


Color 01 My Chai Refill

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RMK Dewy Melt Lip Color.

Plump, soft, fresh and shiny.
Freshly applied lipstick with a vibrant color and luster that lasts.
A lip color that has a clear gloss with a sense of transparency, good color development, and even the longevity of the color gloss. Even though it has a wet-like shine, it does not slip and fits snugly and comfortably on your lips. It leaves your skin plump, soft and moisturized, giving it a voluptuous, three-dimensional look.
All the colors have a hint of dullness that blends easily into your skin and add to your current mood. Easy to use on a daily basis, it brings an exquisite presence to your facial expressions.

・01 My Chai
A soft yellowish nude beige that beautifully complements your skin tone. A timeless color that adds a touch of casual dignity to your expression, perfect for any occasion.
・02 Radiant Russet
Russet brown with a strong sense of depth and red tones. A new red that simultaneously provides a glamorous, modern mood and a relaxed atmosphere for adults.
・03 Shy Heart
A dusty pink that gives your expression a life-sized cuteness. The calculated dullness enhances the skin's familiarity and retains the person's natural complexion and skin warmth.
・04 Ruby Labyrinth
A rosy pink with blue nuances that creates a dignified atmosphere. Loveliness and sensuality shine at the same time.
・05 Moonlit Mauve
A chic mauve brown that combines pink and mauve. A single color that gives off a mature and fashionable look with just one coat is a great spice to your style.
・06 Ripe Guava
A gorgeous raspberry pink that attracts attention with its vivid color. The subtle blue tint brings out the transparency of your skin, filling your chest with a sense of confidence and elation.
・07 Pure Praline
An authentic brown that has been carefully thought out to harmonize with your skin tone. A must-have for adults, a color that brings intelligence, a luxurious mood, and yet a positive impression.
・08 Amber Queen
Amber beige with fine gold pearls. The distinctive yellow nuance gives off a presence that stands out from the crowd, creating an expression that stands out from the crowd.
・09 Plump Plum
A rich red-brown color reminiscent of ripe fruit. It exudes mature warmth and elegance, and gently embraces everyone's heart.
・10 Sakura Scene
A beige pink that is both cute and has an unwavering core strength. An amulet-like color that blends into your skin and refines your look on any day.