Pola Grand Charge Beautiful Enzyme

Size 10ml*90bags

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Pola Grand Charge Beautiful Enzyme.

A luxurious fermented beverage for beauty and health that contains fermented plant extracts made from 385 types of ingredients, as well as koji fermented extracts and 11 types of plant extracts uniquely blended.
Additive-free design and individually wrapped for easy portability.

Focusing on the active daily lives of modern people and metabolic enzymes, Pola's original ingredient "Well Up Extract" is a combination of Palo Assul extract, an herb valued in South America such as Paraguay, and fermented polyphenol extract (Urolithin) derived from pomegranates. Newly formulated. The fermented plant extract, produced through hybrid fermentation that brings out the best aspects of short-term and long-term fermentation, is made from 385 types of ingredients, the highest number of ingredients in the industry.

In addition, the original koji fermented extract is made from carefully selected rice and koji mold. An original blend of 11 types of plant extracts that supports beauty enzymes harnesses the power of plants and awakens the power to beautify your body from within.