Nousaku Chopstick Rest-Pillow 2 Pieces

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能作 - Nousaku Chopstick Rest-Pillow 2 Pieces ピロー

Based on the simple idea that "chopstick rests are places where chopsticks rest", the chopstick rests are designed with a "pillow" as a motif. I designed a big pillow that is soft and fluffy so that my chopsticks can relax and rest.

The shape of the pillow after waking up each morning is varied, and the molding is changed on the front and back to add subtle differences in the shapes of the corners of the four sides and the tension of the pillow. The correct way to lay the chopsticks on the pillow has not been decided, so you can use it in your preferred orientation.

Enjoy the taste of delicious food and the conversation with close people while relaxing with your chopsticks in a pillow.
It's a pack of 2 so it's also recommended as a gift.

  • size-H12 W40 D29.5
  • Box size-H20 W70 D117
  • Weight (including box)-167g
  • material-100% tin
  • Box specifications-Cosmetic box
  • Design-Tomitaka Aji