Nousaku Chopstick Rest-Konoha 5 pieces

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能作 -木の葉をモチーフにした鋳物でできた箸置です。

Nousaku Chopstick Rest-Konoha 5 pieces 木の葉

It is a chopstick rest made of cast wood with a leaf motif.

Two types of chopstick rest made of pewter and three chopstick rest made of brass. We perform old-fashioned raw casting, and each craftsman finishes it by hand.

The falling “leaf” makes the dining table light, modest and colorful.
It is a playful chopstick rest that can be moved by placing chopsticks. How about creating a subtle seasonal feeling on the dining table?

Please use it as a gift or hospitality.

  • size-H12 W62 D27
  • Box size-H18 W211 D90
  • weight-160g (including box)
  • material Pewter: Tin 97%, Copper 1.5%, Antimony 1.5%
  • Brass: Brass (copper 60%, zinc 40%)
  • Box specifications-Cosmetic box
  • Design-Nishi Shigeru