Mimc Mineral Liquid Eyeliner
Mimc Mineral Liquid Eyeliner
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Mimc Mineral Liquid Eyeliner


Color 01 Black

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Mimc Mineral Liquid Eyeliner.

A natural prescription for a non-bleeding eyeliner.
An elegant liquid eyeliner with a heavy color kneaded into eyelash serum.
A film type is used to keep the eyes, where the skin is thin and the makeup is easily broken, more impressive and beautiful.
Although it is a natural formula that does not use carbon black and contains 92% of natural ingredients, it does not lose to sweat, tears, and water, and maintains an eyeliner that creates attractive eyes.
Also, considering the burden on the skin, the make-off is designed so that it will come off smoothly with lukewarm water of 38 ° C or higher.
It does not require cleansing for the eyes and can be used by those who use extensions.