Midori MD Notebook Cotton

Size F0

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Notebook made in Japan pursuing "comfortable writing"


This cotton-soft white paper is ideal not only for classic fountain pens but for colored pencils too. This special version of MD Notebook is available only with blank pages, as a specialist art notebook.

The canvas size "F0", which is wide and free to draw, is perfect for drawing a part of a motif such as a leaf. It is a compact size that is easy to carry. This "F" is the first letter of "Figure". In other words, it is a French-originated standard based on the golden ratio, designed to be suitable for portraits and paintings.

The new "MD Note Cotton" has 200 pages to draw on.
The small sketch that was drawn only on one page is an important memory at that time.
Please enjoy drawing more and more with a unique texture.

The MD Notebook does not have a cover so that you can feel the comfort of writing and the charm of the material.

  • Middle paper - MD paper 200 pages
  • Binding - Thread Binding Stitch with Bookmark String
  • Cover - paraffin paper
  • With index seal
  • F0 - H180×W140×D11mm, 227g
  • F2 - H240×W190×D11mm, 405g
  • F3 - H273×W210×D11mm, 508g