Lunasol Merging Face Glow

Color EX01 Starlit Quartet

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Lunasol Merging Face Glow.

Surrounded by dazzling light, your face becomes gorgeous and stands out.
The four colors blend together to create a bright and lustrous complexion.
A face powder that enlivens the special mood of the holidays with the marble created by fine powder.

Limited release on Nov 10th.

・A mix of 4 colors that create a sense of transparency and brightness.
White: A nuanced white that corrects skin color.
Pink: A pink that gives off a veil-like glow.
Blue: A clear blue that creates a sense of transparency. Purple
: Eliminates dullness. Pink-purple that camouflages and creates a complexion.

・Wide brush that can be applied
softly A wide brush that can easily contain powder evenly, has a soft and supple feel, and
can be applied softly to wide areas.