Lunasol Light Spread Creamy Liquid

Color SO01

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Lunasol Light Spread Creamy Liquid.

The light goes around, the skin is clear.
creamy liquid foundation that retains moisture and creates a highly transparent, water-glossy skin that creates light.
It blends into your skin so that it blends in smoothly, and covers the areas of concern.
Unleash the light and meet the stunning transparency.

    All 6 colors 30mL SPF28 / PA ++

    Moisturizing ingredients:
    ・ Hyaluronic acid
    ・ Fermented soymilk extract (lactic acid rod / fermented soymilk)
    ・ Watercress (watercress extract)
    ・ Olive oil
    ・ Jojoba oil
    ・ Almond oil
    ・ Rose hip oil (canina rose fruit oil)