Lunasol Eye Coloration EX32 Misty Tide

Color 20 Venus Glow

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Lunasol Eye Coloration EX32 Misty Tide

Breathtakingly vivid colors and colors with subtle nuances.
The texture is packed with plenty of sparkle, and the texture is neat and matte.
A 4-color eyeshadow set that allows you to freely play around with unique colors and textures.
The beautiful color scheme melts into your eyelids, giving you a three-dimensional look.

A golden star that shines like no other.
A blue star shining in the distance.
A four-color set of eye shadows that seems to have the power of the planet.
The clear shine and deep metallic luster
create eyes with depth and a mystical presence.
Towards an attractive gaze that hides unwavering strength.

Release on Jul 21st.

    20 Venus Glow
    Venus Glow that gorgeously colors with a deep metallic shine.
    EX32 Misty Tide
    A cool Misty Tide with a smoky blue-green color.

    A A color that gives a gorgeous glow to the eyes
    B A color that gives nuances with a transparent color
    C A metallic color with a dull glow and a profound feeling
    D A color that creates shadows with a sense of transparency.