Kanebo Performing Drop


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new idea of ​​a custom enhancer that not only uses it as a base before the foundation but also mixes it to control vividly not only the skin color but also the texture to enhance the transparency.
Drops that widen the range of expression can freely update your skin impression and accelerate your personality. You can freely control the impression of your skin with drops that expand the range of expression.

With a new concept that mixes well to control not only the skin color but also the texture, it is a makeup base that you can enjoy transparent and transparent finish. You can enjoy the range of finish by adjusting the drop amount according to the skin you want to become and the finish. With the 5R Nuance Pearl effect,
any color blends nicely with the skin color and enhances beautifully. It can be used not only as a regular makeup base, but also as a mixture with Kanebo Fusion Fitwear.

  • 3 colors
  • 25mL
  • RADIANT BLACK - Radiant Black gives your skin a lustrous glow and gives a firm impression
  • VIBRANT RED - Vibrant red that gives your skin a complexion and looks lively
  • MISTY WHITE - Misty white that makes skin look bright and gives a soft impression
  • Available since 09/04/2020