Jill Stuart Vanilla Lust Shampoo

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Jill Stuart Vanilla Lust Shampoo.

For high-quality, shiny hair wrapped in a sweet and sensual scent.
A shampoo that gently cleanses with soft foam.

A limited edition shampoo with a sweet and sensual vanilla scent. The fluffy foam envelops dirt on your scalp and hair, gently cleaning them and leaving them healthy.


●Moisturizing ingredients such as sugar and jasmine extract moisturize the scalp and hair, and cuticle coat ingredients and internal hair repair ingredients coat each hair strand. Achieves smooth, high-quality, shiny hair.
●Care for damage caused by repeated hair coloring. Produces shiny and beautiful hair color.
●Weakly acidic. Lowers the pH of hair that has become alkaline due to hair coloring and tightens the cuticle.
●Paraben free.
●Vanilla last scent.