Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Perfumed Hand Cream

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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Perfumed Hand Cream.

Enjoy the scent of cherry blossom bouquet from your fingertips.
A cherry-colored hand cream that moisturizes and moisturizes your hands.

limited release on Feb 16th.


●A hand cream with a rich scent of Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Eau de Parfum that is full of happiness.
●With a mellow touch, it wraps the skin of your hands smoothly while keeping it moist and moisturized. The texture is comfortable and easy to use all year round.
●Contains 5 carefully selected beauty ingredients, including flowers derived from fragrance materials. It tightly traps the essence of flowers on your hands, bringing out the natural freshness and transparency of your hands.
●Paraben free.