Infinesse Deep Force Wash
Infinesse Deep Force Wash
Infinesse Deep Force Wash


Infinesse Deep Force Wash

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Albion Infinesse Deep Force Wash.

Adsorption power like charcoal, rich, and dense foam.
A face wash that meets clear and firm skin.
A cleansing, rich, elastic, and rich foam that wraps around the skin and polishes it to a smooth and smooth texture.

Rich, high-quality bubbles are quickly formed to cleanly remove dirt and waste from the back of the texture. While keeping the skin moisturized, it cleanses the skin to make it bright and smooth.

How to use - Take about 1.5 cm (about 1 g) on ​​your palm, lather it well with water or lukewarm water, wash your face, and then rinse thoroughly.

  • 120g