Hakuhodo J533 Eyeshadow Point

Material BkSLN

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Hakuhodo J533 Eyeshadow Point.

A popular shadow brush that is useful when you want to draw a relatively thick line in the crease of your eyes or when blurring liquid liner. Don't try to pull it all at once, take advantage of the shape of the tip and use a light touch to slide it little by little to create a natural, blurred line. Gives your eyes a very natural look with just a little effort after applying the liquid..

Use application: Eyeshadow
Hair: Horse
Handle: Wooden axis/black
Ferrule: nickel brass/silver

Size: Total length: Total length: (medium) 125mm, (short) 105mm, (standard) 145mm, (long) 183mm, (champagne gold) 145mm Hair length: 10mm Thickness: 6mm

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