Hakuhodo G6081 Hair Tuft Eyeshadow Brush

Material BkSLN

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Hakuhodo G6081 Hair Tuft Eyeshadow Brush.

A brush that was reborn as a cosmetic brush from tufts of hair that was used for gold powder in traditional crafts. It can be used as eye shadow. Use it so that the fluffy tips of the hair evenly touch your eyelids. You can easily adjust the shade by layering them. A mixed hair type of gray squirrel and goat hair that has just the right amount of stiffness and feels good on the skin.

Application: Eyeshadow, powder
Hair Material: gray squirrel/goat
Shaft Material/Color: Wooden axis/Black
Metal fittings Material/Color:  Nickel Brass/Silver
Size Total length:(medium) 136mm, (short) 116mm, (standard) 161mm, (long) 194mm, (champagne gold) 161mm Hair length: 21mm Thickness: mm

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