Hacci Serum in UV Boday Cream Leg R

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Hacci Serum in UV Boday Cream Leg R.

Fashionable from beautiful legs. UV cream for high-performance legs that fascinates with the magic of light.
Attractive hips and legs. Get eternal longing with the magic of firm skin and light.
SPF50 + ・ PA ++++

Diamond x Gold Lame
The brilliance of real diamonds that give off beautiful light and the fine gold glitter creates a three-dimensional effect with the shade of light, making it an ideal beauty with luster and cleanliness. On the leg.

A soft, soft green floral "Rain" scent that seems to have been poured into the gentle rain.


    Take an appropriate amount and spread it while gently massaging.
    1 Leg line
    From the ankle to the base of the leg, wrap it with both hands and pull it up with the image of draining lymph.
    2 Hip line
    Take care by pulling up to the hip line, which determines the impression of the back style.