Hacci Santa's Footsteps

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Hacci Santa's Footsteps.

Christmas limited special box “Santa’s Footsteps”.

The bright red box that I fell in love with at first sight in Paris was a luxurious set containing six items: HACCI's famous cosmetics and the high-quality hair accessory "Fur Valletta."

    1. Honey Lady (50mL)
    A booster serum that can be used immediately after washing your face to help the lotion penetrate. Penetration *1 is quick, and the sticky feeling remains constant. Sweet rose honey with juiciness and spice. While you may be surprised by the contradictory formulas and scents, your skin will be conditioned.

    ②Honey Lotion - HINKAKU - (50mL)
    This lotion focuses on aging skin, and is made with plenty of honey and golden water. It blends into skin that is prone to dryness and roughness, leaving it supple and clear.

    ③Face Oil Escapeion (actual product) A
    face oil that uses 100% natural oil to nourish, repair, and moisturize every corner of the skin.

    ④ Moisturizing lip (actual item)
    Contains honey, royal jelly, beeswax, vitamin C, and Bulgarian rose honey. For lips as soft as flower petals, plump and glossy.

    ⑤ Sheet mask (actual item)
    The upper and lower separate masks have a large capacity of 32mL. Luxuriously enriched with high-quality honey, royal jelly, and hydrolyzed collagen to prevent your skin from drying out even in the harsh environment of airplanes.

    ⑥Fur Barrettes
    High-quality and dynamic fur barrettes are also limited edition items that I found in Paris. Get into the holiday spirit while having fun arranging your hair.