Hacci Q10 Royal Jelly

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Hacci Q10 Royal Jelly.

The grace of honey bees! A precious gift that honeybee carries for beauty and health. The Queen's bee's special food.

Royal jelly, which has been prized since ancient times, has been known as "Omma", a secret medicine for longevity. The life of a queen bee that lays about 3,000 eggs a day is 40 times longer than that of a worker bee. The secret of the amazing power given only to the queen bee is eating the "royal jelly" secreted only by the young worker bee. Royal jelly is a natural power beauty food that contains abundant nutritional ingredients such as high-quality amino acids, vitamins, and minerals necessary for making the human body.

A special capsule in which raw royal jelly is freeze-dried as it is and 15 mg of Coenzyme Q10 is added to maintain its excellent nutritional value. Coenzyme Q10 is a component that originally exists in the body and is lost with age. It is an ingredient you want to supplement on a regular basis.

Efficiently ingesting the nutrients necessary for the body with supplements that cannot be obtained only by eating. Because people have the power to become healthy themselves, they support the nutrition needed for the body in a well-balanced manner and support their original beauty and energy.

  • How to use - Take 3 to 5 tablets daily with water or hot water.
  • 120 Tablets