Hacci Moist Lip Essence BEE KISS Lavender

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Hacci Moist Lip Essence BEE KISS Lavender.

A pure gift made with luxurious honey that shines like a jewel.
"Honey" sparkles in amber color and is created when bees kiss each other, receiving the power of seasonal flowers.
This is the ultimate lip essence created by HACCI, a honey expert.

Calming lavender with a cool and quiet appearance
Made with lavender honey.
Milky Purple suppresses excessive redness and creates pure, clean and gentle lips.
Contains beauty ingredients that condition lips that tend to get chapped, giving you glossy lips without any dryness.


    Dispense an appropriate amount and apply it to your lips.
    It can be used not only as a lip gloss, but also as a base for lipstick or as a moisturizing lipstick.
    Recommended for changing nuances to add shine.