Hacci Diamond Box Best Table Honey Set of 5

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Hacci Diamond Box Best Table Honey Set of 5.

HACCI's original diamond box containing 5 bottles of popular honey.

  • 95g Hungarian Acacia - This honey is made from acacia flowers that is popular around the world. This honey has a smooth taste that is hard to crystallize since the ratio of fruit sugar is high.
  • 95g of Mexican Orange - This honey is collected in orange orchards. It has a citrusy flavor with a light sourness as an accent.
  • 95g Spanish Lavender - This honey has a clear taste as a characteristic and goes very well with mozzarella or blue cheese with its distinct flavor.
  • 95g Japanese Bouquet - More than 100 types of flowers that bloomed in that year have been collected and naturally blended in hives by honeybees. A rich fragrance with a flavor that lets you feel the seasons.
  • 95g Canadian White Clover - Honey from a white clover flower. Please enjoy the smoothness like a cream. The feature is that it goes well with butter.

Precautions on use - Do not give the product to babies under 12 months. Even if honey crystallizes into white crystals, there is no problem with the quality nor nutrients of the product. If honey crystallizes, slowly warm it up by placing the bottle in the hot water ranging from 45 to 60 degrees Celsius. The delivered product has a shelf life of more than 8 months.