Hacci Candy Coloring Whipping Net Bubble

Color pink

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Hacci Candy Coloring Whipping Net Bubble

The best partner of Honey Facial Soap-HACCI's unique foaming net. 

Uniquely designed for the Honey Facial Soap to maximize the function of making a rich lather.​ 

  • It comes with the HACCI Original Ring that looks like candy. -
    Wear the ring on your finger and you can smoothly make the right amount of lather. A fashionable and functional design so you can put the ring on a hook with the soap in it to keep it clean.
  • The soft, dense lather is can be made right away. -
    The net is made with small mesh that is the best match with Honey Facial Soap. Soft and dense foam can be easily and swiftly made with this net.​​ ​​ ​