Hacci Body Wash Bee Hug Honey Pink Pepper with Lemon

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Hacci Body Wash Bee Hug Honey Pink Pepper with Lemon.

A limited edition fragrance is now available from the BEE HUG series.

A refreshing and refreshing fragrance with honey lemon and pink pepper spices.
Contains over 8% honey, which is said to have a moisturizing and mild exfoliating effect, and is a gentle cleansing ingredient derived from plants, leaving you feeling moisturized and smooth even after washing.
The way you wash with honey is like stroking it, and the quality of the wash goes beyond the conventional wisdom of body soaps.It's a new sensation that you'll want to share with someone. It is recommended as a gift as it will be appreciated by men and women of all ages.


    The top has a gorgeous scent of refreshing honey lemon and pink pepper.
    Layering the scents of elegant flowers such as lavender and rose, with a hint of caramel, the fragrance ends with a sophisticated honey lemon scent.

    The newly created limited edition fragrance commemorating HACCI's 20th anniversary is always ahead of the curve! A scent that lifts your heart and sparks your future.
    Washing your body in the bathroom is not just a routine, but an important time to switch off your mood.